A Mile or More in My [Running] Shoes

chronicling my continued growth as a runner, my second round of the NYRR 9+1 for gauranteed entry to the 2015 NYC Marathon, my foray into nursing school, and the stuff called life that happens in between...
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Hello from my little corner of the library! 

Today was a really productive day outside of the school realm. Lots of stuff around the apartment got done and I did my long run. 14 miles through sunny Central Park.

It was a very mentally-driven run for me, and my body was not into it. BUT the little voice in my head telling me to keep going was enough to help me finish. I usually have the reverse problem - my body being up to the challenge, but a negative voice telling me that I should just quit. It’s good to feel good after a run and to be free of those self-defeating thoughts. 

I also picked up a new foam roller since the guy who fitted me for my shoes suggested I up the ante and call in the heavy reinforcements. He suspected that the bulk of my tibialis anterior tendonitis was due to an over-trained, tight soleus that was pulling my toes on my right foot out aand up a bit in my gait. That coupled with my tendency to overstride has made for a bit of a mess (my stress fracture likely resulted from this consistent maladaptive dorsiflexion and the extra shock my feet were absorbing). They have left my already screwed up right leg even more screwed up. He suggested a couple of things with a good, really firm foam roller that could help loosen those tight muscles and help release the tendon in its sheath a bit. So, I’ve started that process, since I can’t really afford to be injured. It’s not a fun thing by any means, but I’m sure it will help a lot.

In the meantime, I’m trying to stay awake rocking out with my compression socks, trusty water bottle, and some study guides. Lovely little Sunday. 

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