A Mile or More in My [Running] Shoes

chronicling my continued growth as a runner, my second round of the NYRR 9+1 for gauranteed entry to the 2015 NYC Marathon, my foray into nursing school, and the stuff called life that happens in between...
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Monday Funday

  • With the week off I have plenty of time to catch up on home-things that have been left undone. This means laundry and cleaning. Gotta “redd up the house”!* 
  • With somewhere around 12 people coming over for Turkey Day I have a lot of shopping and prepping to do. I’m admittedly a little nervous about preparing a bird large enough for that many people. It’s my third bird, so I’m not exactly new to the Thanksgiving scene, but it will be the largest I’ve prepared by far. Beer me strength!
  • Speaking of 12 people… While Rob and I have ample space this year for all of our visitors, we’re seriously lacking in the chair department. Cue mad scramble for folding chairs!
  • Despite all of the prep and my nerves surrounding hosting, I’m excited to welcome friends for food, football, and fun. It will be a bit of a “worlds collide” kind of day - both of us have friends from school coming in addition to non-school friends, and it’s proving to be a bit of an international crowd, with two Brits and a handful of Canadians.
  • It’s cold and clear today with less wind, so I’ll bundle up for my run and get some stuff done after. 

Happy Monday!

*This is a little phrase my family picked up when we lived in Pittsburgh. It’s probably our favorite phrase in Pittsburghese. 

  1. thereluctantrunner said: Just have everyone bring their own chairs! :)
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