A Mile or More in My [Running] Shoes

chronicling my continued growth as a runner, my second round of the NYRR 9+1 for gauranteed entry to the 2015 NYC Marathon, my foray into nursing school, and the stuff called life that happens in between...
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The morning started with 3 training miles in a sunny Central Park.

I’ve begrudgingly become a morning runner, but I found waking up this morning wasn’t nearly as painful as it has been. (I think it might stick this time!)

3 miles, 29:55 (9:37 min/mi)

So. Much. Sunshine!

Going out to blind the citizens of New York and/or tourists wandering Central Park with my transparent legs.* That’s right… RUNNING SHORTS!

*Hopefully not transparent for long… Tampa-Bound in 2 DAYS!!!!

Getting stuff done and pining for a trip outdoors. (A bike ride would be perfect right about now…) It is such a beautiful day! I may need to take the studying to the terrace to soak up some sunshine so I’m not “city white” when I get back to the mitten!

Moxy - looks like the sailing drinking school does boozy brunch cruises. Think they’re having Bloody Marys or mimosas?

I love our Hudson river view and the stretches of green everywhere.

Back to studying and papering.

Absolutely beautiful day for a run! After a leisurely morning filled with a trip to the dog park, pancakes, and reading, I decided it was time to get back outdoors to enjoy to sunshine. (As added insurance, I dressed in running clothes first thing this morning to prevent myself from backing out of a run.)

I took to the sunny streets of New York and headed south along the West Side Highway to Battery Park where I turned north and headed up the Hudson River on the Esplanade. I looped around Pier 25 and turned back toward home. There were people everywhere and while crowds usually annoy me, I found myself pleased to be taking in all of the young families, couples, bikers and fellow runners soaking up the sun.

I set out to run 3 miles because I have been a bad little runner and I haven’t done nearly as much running as I should be doing. (Naughty, naughty Caitlin…) My iPod is still kind of wonky and logged 3 miles, but when I came home to map it, it was closer to 3.35 miles. (This was a bit of a relief because according to my iPod I ran a 10:50 pace and even though I had to slow to weave around packs of strollers and picture-snapping tourists, I felt much faster than that - adjusting for the distance, I ended up with a 9:44 pace.)

Now it’s time to shower and beautify before we join our friends to watch the Derby and drink mint juleps and peach-infused bourbon punch. Wooo! (I need to be on my best behavior though because tomorrow morning I’m volunteering at the Japan Day 4 Mile Run and the report time is 7:00 - ooof! Pending my mental state tomorrow morning, I’m going to run my 4 mile virtual run after I finish my volunteer duties.)

EDIT: Bah! I almost forgot! Go wish my best friend Melissa over at settingthepace good luck in her first half marathon tomorrow morning! I’m so proud of you Melly and I’m thinking happy race day thoughts for you! xoxoxox